A plumber Keilor for every occasion

Plumbing problems big or small are our domain. From the small handyman repair job like a leaking faucet, to large scale new builds, renovations and extensions, we are capable of performing all plumbing related jobs. Working across specialty areas such as gas, hot water, solar and appliances, our plumber Keilor have got you covered. Our vast expertise means that there is only one name that our customers need to remember for all of their plumbing issues. At the first sign of drama, call for a skilled plumber at NLK Plumbing to come to your Keilor home.

Emergency plumber teams in Keilor were not all made equal

Unfortunately, some companies have a very unique understanding of the term ‘emergency’, and upon receiving your call they then offer to be there when the office next opens. Even more frustratingly are the businesses that make promises they can’t keep, saying they’ll be there in fifteen minutes and then you’re left waiting for hours. When we say we provide emergency plumber services in Keilor, we mean it. At NLK Plumbing, we endeavor to be at your property as soon as possible, and will give you an accurate and honest estimate over the phone, depending on your location and our workload. We prioritise emergency plumber situations throughout Keilor, in order to put our customers’ safety first.

Do blocked drains in Keilor seem to target you?

If you’re left asking ‘why me?’, then there is likely a reasonable explanation. Blocked drains in Keilor can happen naturally, but more often than not it is a direct result of either a lack of cleaning, or by disposing of items down the drain that should instead go in the bin or garbage disposal. If you’re guilty as charged of either of these domestic crimes, then do not worry. Own up to the blocked drains in your Keilor home and we can tell you what you could be doing better and you will see improved results. There might be some surprise culprits such as coffee grounds or oil that we can warn you against pouring down the sink. To have the blocked drains at your Keilor property taken care of today, call NLK Plumbing now.

How is the hotwater system in your Keilor home?

Have you ever considered going solar with your hotwater replacement in Keilor? Instead of just buying another of the same model, a broken down or aged water heater is a great opportunity to do a bit of research and find out what is there. Older hotwater systems in Keilor are highly inefficient compared to the latest technology, and you may find that you have been getting a bad deal because you haven’t upgraded. Not only could you use less water and help the environment, you could enjoy a fuller back pocket too. We install all sorts of hot water systems, from gas to solar to electricity, and can source any brand or model for you if you so desire. Alternatively, ask us about what we would recommend for your budget, usage and preferences. If it’s time for a fresh look at your hotwater in Keilor, chat with us today.

Should you have questions, require information, or just like to chat about your situation, give us a call on 0404 803 333. We will be able to send someone out in no time should there be an issue that requires immediate assistance. Our plumber group in Keilor is also highly experienced in working across commercial sectors, so for those workplace problems we can give you a hand as well.

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